That One Obsession

Oh! That on obsession, that won’t go away, it seems to want to stay! Everything you do, has to do with this..this…obsession. And, you wouldn’t like it any better way. It HAS come to stay. Researching, reading, watching videos, boring your best friend to the max. No letting anyone forget you have an obsession. That pesky, lovable, ongoing obsession is kids(baby goats). 
This is what I am afflicted with. I am breeding my doe(a girl goat over 1yr.) to that cutest, sweetest buck(boy goat over 1yr.) ever. His name is Manuka. In order to reach him, my doe, Missi, jumped over an 8ft fence THREE times…to reach her true love. ;). And, of course, me being her owner, is ecstatic with excitement for those kids to come…five months away! I have read, and re-read, goat heath care books, watched around a million goat kidding(birthing) videos, and emailed my BFF over a billion times reminding her I love goats…poor Grace. 
Everyday, I am getting ready to bring her back from the farm she is staying with Manuka…and let her know I am WAY more excited than she for her kids to be born…ahh, that ONE obsession! (By the way…kids are the cutest baby animals in the world, weighing less than 3lbs when the are born!) My poor goat heath care book has neon green sticky notes in 13 different spots. 🙂 I also have a kidding box, much like Grace’s lambing box, just teeny bit different. Thanks for reading my post  about my obsession that I feel everyone needs to know! 😀 mm

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  1. missi11

    Yay! you got the pic on there!! 🙂


    October 3, 2014 at 3:01 pm

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