The lambing box


Up on the shelf sits a box.  Clear with a white lid.  Inside is everything you could need.  Iodine, thermometer, gloves…etc.  Dust has gathered over it.  The excitement and anticipation has faded away.  In sharpied letters are the words “Lambing box”.  Towels are curled on the lid.  Remember the long nights and chewed down nails.  Googled pictures and “just making sures.”  Strokes and gentle kisses with grain.  Notebooks full of names and worn pencils.  Colored pictures.  Dreams of new life.  Lambs frolicking in your heart.  Feeling kicks and petting bellies.  Vet checks and smiles.  Walking and sleeping.

New life.  Excitement.  Love.  Gentleness.  Names picked.  Videos taken.  Cuddles given.

Growing up, bounces stronger.  Fluffy coats.  Stronger baas.

Ear tags.  Signed papers.  Crates full of lambs.

Shipped away.


Set the box away and wait for next time.

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