The Power and the Gentleness

goldThere is nothing quite like riding bareback on a horse. There is no time that you feel closer to such physical power and mental gentleness. Bareback is the true connection between horse and rider. To feel the warm, living barrel clasped firmly between your knees. To be one with the horse. To feel every muscle beneath you, and work with him. To wrap your legs around his barrel and feel the enormous heart at work.
The joy to feel the muscles twitch as he raises his head. To witness the great care that he holds you aloft. You, nor him, are the alpha. You are one being. Bound together in heart and soul. To feel his heavy footsteps pounding beneath you. Feel the layers of muscle, skin, bone. Feel his huge ribs move to breathe. Breathe in rhythm with this powerful beast.
The sun shines golden, washing over you. You raise your hands, and the gentle wind runs through your fingers. The sun glints like a cheerful laugh. You raise your chin and spread your arms. It is as if you are ready to fly. A laugh escapes your lips, and the sun winks. You and him are content.

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