The New Additions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou walk down to the barn, arms swinging at your sides.  Silly thoughts occupy your head.  Your homework isn’t done, you forgot a sweatshirt, you will be late for school.  As you near the barn, you sniff a deep breath of the fresh morning air.  As you call out to your sheep, you walk into the feedroom.  ”  Come and get it sheepies!”  You laugh to yourself as they answer.  BAAA, MRAA, blee.  You pause, your heart beating a million miles per hour.  Then you hear it again.  blee.  You leap out of the feedroom, sprint down the barn isle, almost slipping.

    As you get to the door, your fingers fumble clumsily with the latch.  A cool breath of air turns into steam through your blue lips.  Then, you fling the stall door open.  Your eyes search the musty, dim stall before you.  WHERE IS IT!

    You see the mother, her back against a wall.  Her belly sags as if deflated.  But, it is not until you look at your feet that you REALLY believe it.  There, standing up and healthy, is a newborn lamb. 

    Her grey-brown wool shines with newness.  You crouch to your feet and pull her close to you.  She is so warm!  The mother shuffles over, and watches.  The second ewe nods her head impatiently.  A huge smile stretches as wide as you can manage.  The first lamb has been born! 

    You sprint up the hill as fast as you can.  When you pound up the stairs, you still can’t believe it!  Flinging open the door, you rush into the house.  “MOM!”  You scream, not even bothering to take off your manure caked boots.  “EMMI HAD HER LAMB!”  Your mother pokes her head around the corner, and something lights in her face.  Pulling on boots quickly, she jogs down to the barn with a grin across her face.  Your siblings jog down after you.  Your mom comes into the barn, and peers into the stall, where you return and stroke the small, skinny, awkward creature in front of you.  It gives a peaceful baa, and runs to nurse, small tail wagging. 

    Then, your younger brother points to the corner.  “That one didn’t make it.”  He chokes out.  You look over to see a cold, stiff, lifeless lamb.  Burying your head in your hands, you let sobs take place of the smile.  But, soon that lamb is gone and your attention returns to the small little life before you.

    Your heart explodes with joy. 

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