Golden Leaves and Golden Memories

You sit beneath the old pepper tree.  Its lowered branches make a wavy forest around you.  A passing breeze makes them twitch.  The only sounds that you hear are the gentle sigh of the dog next to you, and the birds gossiping.  Closing your eyes, you lean back. 

    You fill your lungs with the fresh air.  A light leaf brushes your face.  The sun is a beautiful golden.  It shines right through the leaves, making them green-gold.  The gold falls to the ground and pools rich color.  Pools in the small places like spilt water.  You sigh and dig your toes into the moist squishy earth.  Another leaf falls.

    You throw your face up, and feel the golden sun soaking its last, richest rays into you.  A smile plays across your face as you hear a sheep shuffle around, finding a place to sleep. 

    The dog next to you shifts weight and yawns.  You have entered another world.  One that in which, time seems to stand still.  And you wish it did, because this is the perfect moment.  The world is at peace, and you don’t think of anything else.  It is because of these moments that you came.  That you gave yourself to the country.  Threw your life into it wholeheartedly.  I work hard with my barn and animals, and this is the only reward I ask for.  To some, they may not understand the joy to sit under a sagging tree.  But, it is much more than that.  It is being one with something stronger than you can understand.  Houses, and cars, and people aren’t what make life.  It is more.

    You give a long sigh.  You whisper a single phrase:  “I’ll be back.”  Returning to your feet, you stretch and continue your walk back to the house, your faithful dog at your heels. 

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